Stamford Dallys

Picture Gallery

Oreo at 8 weeks, first day at his new home! 

Oreo at 12 weeks in our garden 

Oreo at 17 weeks, he grew fast

 Oreo around 6 months old 

As you can see Peanut is very healthy and does this alot! 

Daisy at 12 weeks, first day at new home! 

 Oreo and daisy, her second day in new home!

 Daisy around 17 weeks, enjoying what's left of the snow!


 Oreo giving Daisy a cuddle.

 Daisy at 6 weeks, looking like a little pot bellied pig!

 No prizes for guessing what these are!

Peanut next to mum Daisy. We got him weighed in July 2012 and shocked to discover he was 27.8kgs! All muscle too!

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