Stamford Dallys

Welcome to the Stamford Dally website.

This website has been created to inform you Dalmatian lovers that our two black spotted Dalmatians Oreo and Daisy will be having their first and only litter of pups due around the 10th August 2011 and will be ready the first week in October when they are at least 8 weeks old and ready for re-homing. This was a planned pregnancy as we wanted to experience our two lovely Dalmatians having pups. Our youngest daughter has just completed an animal care course so this was also an ideal opportunity for her to put some knowledge to the test!

The sire Oreo is 2 years old and comes from a local mother and father. The mother being a pedigree American breed (smaller than the standard breed).

Daisy comes from a Midlands pedigree line of Maxwell's Pride of Washakie for the sire and Princess Chloe for the dam.

Both our Dalmatians were purchased purely as family pets with no intention to show. Both our Dallys are fit and well and have no issues and are regularly vet checked and have the usual boosters annually.

All puppies will be wormed and have their first vacination by the parents vet. Each puppy will be Baer hearing tested.

These puppies will not be KC registered and will not have pedigree papers. Both Oreo and Daisy were bought as pets and are therefore part of the family and are treated as such, so no kennels for them! So when you come to view the pups you will be able to see both parents. Oreo will be looking on through the patio doors as he doesn't like unknown people in his house and being the alpha-male wants to let it be known! Daisy is as soft as a dog you would ever want and would lick you to death.

The puppies will be born in a clean home, in a bespoke whelping box to suit. They will be raised with the usual household noises, so plenty of cleaning and background music from the radio! We also have three cats which will look over them from time to time if the mood takes them!

Each puppy will be sent away with a puppy pack including their vet check records, puppy food and milk they will be weaned on etc.

When the time comes we will be looking for £450 for the bitches and £400 for the dogs. We will not allow any puppies to leave until they are around 8 weeks old and ready to leave their parents.

A deposit of £100 (non-returnable) per puppy will secure. By all means arrange tor a viewing to pick your chosen Dalmatian puppy.


Well on the 9th August 2012 our Dally pups will be one year old, so to all those who maybe visiting this site we would like to wish all of the pups a Very Happy Birthday and hope all are fit and well and part of a loving family.

When Daisy does give birth we will document each puppy and take photographs as and when we are able to, so you will get some early information for your records.

Please check back for updates as we will be getting a scan nearer the due date so we can ascertain how many pups are expected and to ensure a healthy delivery for Daisy. Scan only revealed she was well packed, at least six. Judging by the size of her now, maybe more!

On Tuesday evening 9th August into Weds Daisy gave birth to 13 puppies, alas number 13 was stillborn due to a detached placenta, very sad and found very hard to take. However the remaining 12 were vet checked this morning (10th Aug) along with Daisy and all were found to be fit and healthy.So we now have 9 boys and 3 girls (sounds better than dogs and bitches) Hope to get a few more pictures up in the gallery, finding the time and having the inclination is something as we are all very tired and had little sleep in the last two days!

As it stands as of 11th September 2011 we have one boy left.

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